Why The Toronto Futsal League?
The Toronto Futsal League is the largest futsal league in Southern Ontario with programs ranging from U9 to adult divisions. Created to provide youth the opportunity to compete at the highest level of play at a price well below the amount made available through the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit. We're here to invest in you from start to finish from education, feedback, great competition, and high quality officiating. We are operating FIFA's only recognized indoor game and strive to offer our coaches, referees, and players a prime opportunity to develop their footwork the same way that Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Iniesta, and Neymar did... through futsal!  Our recent partnership with the Brazilian Futsal Federation allows us to provide top coaching programs and gives us the distinct opportunity to allow our top players to train in Brazil with the world's best.

Divisions for the league will be held in strategically located courts in and around the 401 and 400 highways, allowing easy accessibility for teams from all districts to play. What separates us from the rest of indoor soccer leagues? 1) We're far more affordable. Indoor leagues cost in excess of $3000 to join plus referee fees. Our registration fee is half of that and we never ever charge additional referee or gym entry fees. We're not hear to nickel and dime, we're here to help you develop. 2) Futsal is safer. The low bounce ball stays at the foot of the player, which is how you develop footwork. Headers are rare in futsal thus preventing concussions and the accumulated foul rule rewards skill and intelligence, not brute force and size. 3) Futsal is technically superior to indoor and outdoor. The condensed court size forces players to utilize both feet and make quicker decisions while running into open space. In a typical futsal match, players receive 5x as many touches than they would in an indoor turf game. How do players improve? By touching the ball. 4) We only play FIFA's official indoor game. This sport has a FIFA World Cup. This will be an Olympic sport. Our objective is to one day turn on CBC and see your kid representing Canada. So join us this season and seize the day, seize the opportunity, seize futsal. Contact us here to find out more!

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